PFS Water Treatment Solutions – Water Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Pune – offer ion exchange systems/ plants designed and manufactured to cater specific water treatment requirements, on exchange plants we offer include water softeners, de mineralisation plant (DM Plant), mixed bed polishing units, iron removal plant, selective heavy metal removal plants, etc… We also provide various types of ion exchange resins. Ion exchange is a process used to remove dissolved ionic constituents that can cause aesthetic and health issues. The ion exchange process for water treatment is considered to be a non-conventional process because it is not widely used in large-scale plants. In drinking water treatment applications, ion exchange is primarily used for water softening and demineralization (e.g., removal of Ca2+, Mg2+, Na+,Cl−, SO42−, NO3−). The vast majority of ion exchange installations in India are small, point-of-use devices at individual households. The application of ion exchange to municipal systems has been limited. Applications include the removal of hardness (softening), nitrate, barium, radium, arsenic, perchlorate, and chromate. There have been several full-scale systems designed for industrial applications, such as the demineralization of water for prevention of scale formation in power plant boilers, removal of calcium and magnesium in car-washing facilities, and production of ultrapure water for making pharmaceuticals and semiconductor materials.

  • Water Softener
  • De Mineralisation Plant (DM Plant)
  • Iron Removal Plant
  • Mixed Bed Polishers
  • Selective Ion Removal Plant (Heavy Metal Removal Plant)


PFS Water Treatment Solutions – Ultra Filtration Water Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Pune – Offers design, manufacturing, supply, erection and commissioning of wide range of ultra filtration plants. Ultra filtration can be utilized for the evacuation of particulates and full scale atoms from crude water to create consumable water. It has been utilized to either supplant existing secondary water treatments like coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation and tertiary filtration like sand filtration and chlorination, frameworks utilized in water treatment plants or as independent frameworks in separated locales with developing populaces. While treating water with high suspended solids, UF is frequently coordinated into the procedure, using essential pre-treatments like screening, sedimentation and filtration and some optional treatments in pre-treatment stages. Ultra filtration systems are widely accepted in industry for it features like compact in size, steady water quality and no chemical contamination except for membrane cleaning purposes.

Some Industry Applications

  • Drinking Water Production
  • Pulp and Paper Industry 
  • Dairy Industry (Protein Extraction)
  • Waste Water Treatment 
  • Process Water Treatment
  • Food Industry (Juice Thickening)


PFS Water Treatment Solutions – Activated Carbon Water Treatment Plant Manufacturers in Pune – Offers design, manufacturing, supply, erection and commissioning of wide range of granular and powdered activated carbon water treatment plants. Activated Carbon Filtration (ACF) Systems are highly efficient in removing odor, color and taste from water to be treated which uses mechanism of chemical adsorption using bed of activated carbon removing contaminants and impurities. Activated carbon filters are most effective in removing chlorine,  volatile organic compounds, sediment particles and not effective in removing, dissolved salts, dissolved inorganic substances & minerals. Activate Carbon Filter  (ACF) is normally utilized for evacuating natural constituents and remaining disinfectants in water supplies. This not just improves taste and limits well being risks; it ensures other water treatment units, for example, RO systems and ion exchange systems from conceivable harm because of oxidation or natural fouling. Activated carbon is a favored water treatment system on account of its multi practical nature and the way that it adds nothing adverse to the treated water. The two principal mechanisms by which activated carbon removes contaminants from water are adsorption and catalytic reduction.  Organics are removed by adsorption and residual disinfectants are removed by catalytic reduction.


PFS Water Treatment Solutions – Multi Grade Water Filtration Plant Manufacturers in Pune – Offers design, manufacturing, supply, erection and commissioning of wide range of Multi Grade Water Filtration Plants. Most recent idea in the water treatment innovation, a Multi Grade Filter (MGF) comprises of vertical or flat weight sand channels that contain different layers of coarse and fine sand (Course / fine) in a fixed extent. It is a sort of a profound channel bed with satisfactory pore dimensions for holding both expansive and little suspended solids and un-broke down contaminations like residue particles. When contrasted with customary sand water channel, this multigrade filtration framework takes a shot at higher explicit stream rates. It is likewise a minimal effort pre-treatment framework for ion exchange systems (De mineralisation and water softener plant) and membrane filtration systems like reverse osmosis and so on. With high throughputs, high soil holding limit and ability to diminish turbidity and TSS (< 5ppm) from water, it shields particle trade tars and layers from physical fouling because of suspended polluting influences present in the water.

Advantages & Features

  • Flexible capacities from 1000 LPH to 1,00,000 LPH
  • Best suitable for  pre treatment stages
  • Automatic / Manual Operations
  • Long life durable mild steel / FRP structures
  • Best in class economical for commercial and industrial applications
  • Custom size and configurations
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