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We PFS Water Treatment Solutions are RO Plant Manufacturers , water chiller manufacturers and drinking water project suppliers from Pune and Aurangabad.

Pure and clean water is a want at this point in time. There are many blessings of drinking clean and decontaminated water as pure water is freed from a damaging germs and viruses that may leave people willing to lethal ailments like cholera, diarrhea, fluorosis, pneumonia, and so on. Since water contamination is increasing hastily we've got come to the point, where all our water sources along with civil framed water supply, streams, wells, lakes and even the glaciers are more or less polluted.

We provide / manufacture a extensive range of Industrial RO water treatment plants, mostly designed and manufactured to treat tap water, brackish water and sea water to produce purified water of required quality. Range of RO plants, RO plant price we manufacture starts from a 250 LPH (Liters per hour) to 20 M3 per hour for treating water of TDS up to 45,000.

All our industrial reverse osmosis water treatment plants are cautiously custom designed and configured to in shape the individual requirement of the output water, which varies from everyday drinking water utility to the specific usage like food Processing, prescription drugs and boiler feeding requirement. We offer best water treatment and RO plant price in water treatment industry. This is achieved by treating raw water with Industrial RO Water Treatment Plant specially designed and constructed with selective membranes for specific purposes. Selection of membranes is completely based on complete raw water chemical analysis for water available in particular locations.

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RO Plant Manufacturers
Industrial RO Plant Manufacturers - RO Plant Price
Industrial RO Plant Manufacturers

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Commercial RO Plant Manufacturers
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Packaged Drinking Water Project Supplier

We, PFS Water Treatment Solutions Pune offer industrial Packaged Drinking Water Treatment Plants  which uses reverse osmosis principle to treat water and make it most opportune for drinking water and other purposes. Reverse Osmosis Water purification’s goal is to abstract suspended solids and gases, biological contaminants, unwanted chemicals, exorbitant dissolved salts from water and to make it fit the exact requisite for end use. Mostly our systems are designed to engender water for human consumption (Drinking Water) but water purification systems can additionally be designed and manufactured for variety of other purposes in addition to meet requisites like medical, pharmacological, chemical and other industrial requisites.